About Castellano & Sons

Castellano & Sons have committed the last three decades to providing services to New York City customers that we can be proud of. Our attention to detail spans from exterior design and construction to interior.

We strive to provide a completed image in collaboration with our customers to help build the image in their head. Through or collaboration process, we are passionate about cutting no corners with quality or safety.

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Michael D. Wilson - CEO of New City


The mission of Castellano & Sons has always been quality and safety. For the last 30 years, we are proud of the safe and creative work we have provided to New York City. Our projects span from residential homes to large commercial buildings and more.


The same quality and upkeep of safety and building standards spans from our exterior to interior work. We partner with skilled architects for design while relying on our decades of experience in landscaping and construction to bring a complete solution to customer needs.


Our company's vision is to provide consistent and quality service to home and business owners of New York City. To continually create results that exceed our customers' expectations and always work to expand our own.

Our values

Landscape and design is an art that takes both us and the customer to bring to life. We commit ourselves to certain values to continually bring an experience and end product that the customer envisioned. 


No project is brought to life without planning and collaboration. We believe this is an essential partnership between the customer and us to help bring your ideas to life. 


One of our most important values is being trusted to the community we serve. This applies both to the quality and standards that we achieve. Safety is one of the most important factors of our landscaping and construction. 


Every step of the way, Castellano & Sons works with you to meet your standards and the standards of quality and secure building. Our work is our impressive portfolio of our commitment to focus.

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