5 Benefits Of Improving the Exterior of Your Home

Five Benefits of Exterior Home Renovation Looks Upgrading the exterior of your home increases the aesthetic, which can drive up your home’s value as well as add a personal flair to your house. Castellano & Sons offers various services, from landscaping to construction, to help you create the image of your perfect exterior. Eco-Friendly Renovating […]

Quick & Easy Interior Bathroom Upgrades

Quick & Easy Bathroom Renovations Redo! Don’t Buy New Buying new major bathroom plumbing like tubs and toilets is the most expensive option. Many owners overlook the value of renovating what’s there! Having a contractor redo your tub and other fixtures can give your bathroom that newer look without the hefty price tag! Replacing Fixtures […]

Hiring a Licensed Contractor : Why It’s Important

Hiring a Licensed Contractor Why It’s Important to Hire a Licensed Contractor in New York City It may seem like a simple thing–that all contractors know the correct methods. Sadly, it’s more common than you think for people to hire unlicensed contractors who do not follow the right codes for New York City. When you […]