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Castellano & Sons offers a variety of services for outdoor and indoor design and construction. From landscaping a beautiful front yard to helping plan and construct commercial buildings, we offer confident and complete services.

Exterior Work

We work hard to bring an idea to life fully with our work. That’s why we offer a range of exterior services from landscaping to brick work. 

We work hard to bring your ideas to life with our work. That’s why we offer a range of exterior services, from landscaping to brickwork.
The exterior of your home is an expression of the owner. With that approach, we offer numerous ways to help you complete that full image. We can help install sidewalks and walkways, redesign your front yard, and do brick and masonry work on your home.

Our professional team can help recreate the home or business image you want.

Interior Work (Winter Only)

During winter months, or business shifts focus more on interior design and construction.

With the same dedication and focus to style and standards, we can transform an old bathroom or business interior to the room you’ve been imagining.

Through the same close collaboration, we help our customers transform their spaces.

Commercial Construction

The professional stone and masonry services we provide extends past residential and small business. We have an expertise in commercial construction and a specific eye for creating beautiful contemporary architecture with our seasoned and knowledgable team of architects and builders.

Our values

Landscape and design is an art that takes both us and the customer to bring to life. We commit ourselves to certain values to continually bring an experience and end product that the customer envisioned. 


No project is brought to life without planning and collaboration. We believe this is an essential partnership between the customer and us to help bring your ideas to life. 


One of our most important values is being trusted to the community we serve. This applies both to the quality and standards that we achieve. Safety is one of the most important factors of our landscaping and construction. 


Every step of the way, Castellano & Sons works with you to meet your standards and the standards of quality and secure building. Our work is our impressive portfolio of our commitment to focus.

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