Castellano & Sons is a leading New York City construction and landscape company.

Over the last 30 years, Castellano & Sons have served New York City customers, both residential and commercial. We are committed to quality and safety, whether we are taking care of your home or your business, inside or out.

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Residential & Commercial Construction and Landscaping in NYC.

Our professionals carry decades of experience in construction and landscaping for both residential and commercial properties. We pride ourselves in our eye for detail and our commitment to safety standards and building guidelines. We are confident in our services to meet your needs without cutting corners.


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Interior & Exterior Design - Done Right.

We believe the style and quality of our work bring life to your space, both inside and out. That’s why we provide interior and exterior services to fully and safely cover the needs of customers.

Fully Licensed and Insured

Our commitment to safety and building standards is just as strong as our commitment to style and quality. Our services are fully licensed and insured to ensure our customers are safe and our work always to the appropriate standards.

Interior Work

We provide interior design and construction with the same standards and quality we commit to the exterior.

Exterior Work

Our exterior work covers landscaping, design, and construction. We work with you to complete your full image outside of your home or business.



Residential Home, Brooklyn NY


Commercial Building, Queens NY


Residential Exterior, Manhattan NY

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