Quick & Easy Bathroom Renovations

Redo! Don't Buy New

Buying new major bathroom plumbing like tubs and toilets is the most expensive option. Many owners overlook the value of renovating what’s there! Having a contractor redo your tub and other fixtures can give your bathroom that newer look without the hefty price tag!

Replacing Fixtures

Along the same lines as redo–replacing old fixtures like faucets and handles gives your bathroom a significant refresh. Making a bathroom a little more modern requires some updated pieces instead of a complete overhaul.


A fresh coat of paint goes a long way to make a room look new. Often we may not realize how dingy that old coat of paint can get. Splashing on a fresh coat or new color will bring a surprising breath of fresh air!

Don't Go Crazy on Tile

The more tile you use, especially when a contractor is doing the work for you, the more pricey the project gets. It’s better to focus on areas like floors and showers to limit tile usage. Using less sounds simple but can end up saving you a lot in the long run.

A Little Goes a Long Way

One room may not seem like much, but an updated bathroom goes a long way for the cost of your home. When possible, owners weigh their options, an updated essential like a bathroom can make the decision. Not only that, but it adds to the overall value of your house too!

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