Hiring a Licensed Contractor

Why It's Important to Hire a Licensed Contractor in New York City

It may seem like a simple thing–that all contractors know the correct methods. Sadly, it’s more common than you think for people to hire unlicensed contractors who do not follow the right codes for New York City. When you choose a licensed service, you’re ensuring that they plan carefully and communicate with you until your home renovation is complete. 

Meeting City and Government Requirements

With significant renovations in New York City, you would need to comply with city laws or requirements and get required permits. These permits are a lot less overwhelming when you use a licensed contractor. If the city inspects your home—knowing that any work complies with regulations. Complying with all codes will also be helpful if you are planning to sell your home. Possible sales require permits. If unlicensed contractors did any work, you would have none to provide, leaving you in a tight spot.

Insured Work

Most licensed contractors offer liability insurance, which will help protect you in the event of an injury or damage during construction. For instance, if someone gets hurt upon entering the construction site, the insurance protection will cover any medical fees. That way, if any injuries occur on the site, you are not held accountable for the costs.

Licensed and Bonded Contractors

Legit contractors will take responsibility if something goes wrong; ignoring or running away from mistakes can result in their licensure loss. Most importantly, licensed contractors stay with you until your home renovation project is complete.

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